A dedicated Osteopathic healthcare clinic in the heart of Exeter.

Our practitioners work in collaboration with one another and with other healthcare professionals to establish the best possible health outcomes for our clients. Our focus is to support our clients in leading empowered and healthy lives through providing high quality Osteopathic care.



Joint mobilisation and manipulation, stretching, massage, exercise and lifestyle advice for the treatment of many muscle/joint/back conditions.

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Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage to relieve aches and pains caused by exercise, sports and the stresses of life.

Optional extra to add hot stones or dry cupping for extra relaxtion or tissue release.

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Women's Health

A dedicated Women's Health Osteopathy appointment suitable for:

  • Expectant mothers and pregancy.

  • Post-birth issues (early on or many years later).

  • Female pelvic health (for all ages).

Happy Mother with her Child

Mummy MOT

A specialist post-natal examination for women following both vaginal and c-section deliveries including:

  • Full postural screen.

  • Pelvic floor assessment.

  • Abdominal muscle exam.

  • Screening for bladder/bowel/ sexual dysfunction.

  • Education and advice.

  • Bespoke rehabilitation programme.

  • Written report on the findings.

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