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A dedicated Osteopathic healthcare clinic in the heart Exeter.

Our practitioners work in collaboration with one another and with other healthcare professionals to establish the best possible health outcomes for our clients. Our focus is to support our clients in leading empowered and healthy lives through providing high quality Osteopathic care.

Osteopath Exeter Jenny Doe Urban Health lower back pain osteopathic treatment


Joint mobilisation and manipulation, stretching, massage, exercise and lifestyle advice for the treatment of many muscle/joint/back conditions.


Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage to relieve aches and pains caused by exercise, sports and the stresses of life.



A form of low-impact exercise that focuses on improving strength, flexibility and balance through slow, precise movements and breath control.

Osteopath clinic Exeter Urban Health Exeter treatment room Sports massage Craig Humphreys Rob Herd Jenny Doe Niamh Honey
Urban Health Exeter Osteopath Osteopathy clinic treatment Sports massage central Exeter
Urban Health Exeter Osteopath Osteopathic clinic Exeter waiting room treatment sports massage
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