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About Us


Jenny Doe: M.Ost

Clinical Director, Osteopath, and Sports Massage Therapist

Jenny qualified from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters degree in Osteopathy in 2011. She also has post-graduate training in Cranial Osteopathy and has a diploma in Sports Massage. Jenny lectures two days a week on an Osteopathy degree course at Marjon University where she passes on her knowledge and expertise.

Jenny works with international ultramarathon runners, competative national level weight lifters, paralympic athletes, desk workers and everyday non-athletes, helping people out of pain and into a life of motion.

As well as hands on therapy, Jenny provides professional advice and exercises for continued results between consultations.


Jenny is very active in the outdoors, enjoying hiking, climbing, cycling and running. She is a member of North Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, along with her trainee Search Dog Angus.

You can follow her adventures on Facebook.

Natasha Pilates exeter.png

Natasha Delamar: Pilates Diploma (Level 3)

Pilates Instructor

Natasha has a special interest in the interaction between physiology and mental wellbeing. She is a qualified Pilates instructor and Cognitive Behavior Therapist. She is aware of the connection between how we feel in our body and the effect it has on our outlook.


Natasha's enthusiasm for Pilates stems from the variety of benefits it offers for strength, posture, energy and breath. She believes in an approach which offers clients an enhanced awareness of their body so that mobility becomes easier and more intuitive.

Natasha worked as a 1:1 Personal Trainer for a gym specialising in 20-minute sessions on optimal breathing, rhythm and pace of exercise, rather than heaviest weight. She also has a keen interest in principles from Yoga and Mindfulness. Both of these have informed her style of Pilates, which can be described as a blend of strengthening, stretching and thought for movement.


Natasha loves being outdoors hiking, running, climbing and wild swimming. She has a special love for the Alps in both summer and winter! Natasha has coached herself back to fitness from two operations, which has cemented her belief in Pilates as a tool for recovery.

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